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Kids find alien tech

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I’m trying to remember a movie released in the mid 2000s to early 2010s, I think. The story involved 4 kids who find an alien box or meteor that has fallen to earth. Inside the object is a ball cap, some gloves, some shoes and something else. The boy with curly hair isn’t very good student, but when wearing the hat, suddenly solves advanced equations, the skinny boy puts on the gloves and receives great strength, another boy wears the shoes and has super speed. I believe there is a villain who is trying to take over a beloved community area in order to construct a subdivision or a large business. The kids all stay in or around their town for the whole movie. I think they use the gadgets to stop the villain at his company/firm/lair. The movie gave me the impression that it was a Nickelodeon-type movie.

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time toys

lazer team is a similar film themed geared towards adults

heofon Posted new comment Sep 9, 2021

That’s it! Time Toys. Thanks. I’ve been wondering for months now. I guess I didn’t remember all the details correctly now that my memory is refreshed.