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Ive been trying to find this movie for years.

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This is a movie I watched when I was a kid and remember it being really good. It must have been around 2008 but I remember it being older when I watched it. It kind of had a Colour Purple vibe to it. The title was something like “Sophia’s child” or “Ophelia’s child” I can’t quite remember. I remember the plot fairly well tho. Or at least I think I do.

It starts out in I think Africa? A white child is being raised in a poor black household away from close towns. An official shows up asking to see all her kids and she shows them and he takes the white kid away. I remember distinctly the mother saying “the names in our bible are written in pencil but theirs are written in ink” when the child asks what’s going on.

He is brought to a line up with other boys who look like him because apparently a few years ago, a white family lost a child in the woods and they are looking for him in any house holds around. Apparently there were a lot of children that got lost in the jungle and they were found by surrounding houses and raised as their own.

An older white woman comes in and looks over the boys and says “he’s the one” and is taken away to live with his new family that he apparently was born to.

Over the years it chronicles him and his sister growing up with an abusive dad and meek mother. There’s a scene where they are elephant hunting I think, and are eating sweet potatoes. Eventually he grows up and is falling in love with his sister (again, set in Africa not Alabama), and is conflicted because she is his brother. Eventually (spoiler) he finds out that he isn’t actually their son, nor her brother and that the mother just lied because she wanted her “son” back.

I hope that’s enough information. Thank you if anyone is able to figure out the name or even just trying!!

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