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I’ve been looking for this movie for years.

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Im 19 so at the time of watching I was around 6 or 7, my dad died shortly after we watched it and ever since i have wanted to watch it again. Ive tried using the most vague keywords but its no use. All i remember was along these lines;

the sky was red in the movie, theres something about it being almost a parallel world and theres a crow featured in a scene, i cant tell if theres weathergods or some sort of character but it does not contain aliens. Someone gets taken away *an adult* and in a scene they walk through an estate (suburban area where there are houses) i assumed whoopi goldberg was in this movie but i was wrong. It appeared early 2000s as we watched it on the scyfy channel.

its been 13 years since my dad passed and if he was here hed probably know the title but i am out of options, i tried using tags to no avail.

Johnydaman Posted new comment Jun 22, 2019

Try flatliners .


This could be a number of things, ‘The Stand’ springs to mind.
Wondering if you have found your answer since posting this?
Why did you feel it was Whoopi in it, was there a black female protagonist that reminded you of her do you think?
Was it an older film appearing on that channel or do you think it was made around 2000 when you saw it?
You talk about an ‘estate’ so is it set in the UK or US?
I really hope you find out what it is since it obviously means so much to you.

Hollz Answered question Feb 8, 2018