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I’ve been looking for the name of this movie for years

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I can’t remember the name of a movie that I saw in my childhood, I have looked in many places, have I imagined it? what things do I remember: it must have been between the 70s and 80s, I think it’s set in the Edwardian era, and the protagonist is a girl of about 12 who gets jealous because a new little brother is coming and the adults stop lending her attention, then she begins to do things so that they notice her, among the things she does, she cuts the little fish in the aquarium to play food with her dolls, they punish her and she stands under a gutter so that the rainwater falls on her and catch a cold, but to no avail, he finally runs away from the house. I think she travels in an air balloon and lives many adventures, she finally returns to her house but she has already matured. please someone remember it.

Lesanmartini Asked question Apr 14, 2022