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This movie was (or maybe it still is) free on I’m from Pakistan so IDK if it depends on region for specific free movies but it was most probably a Hollywood movie. It could also be a ‘B’ Movie. Four or five people are called on some remote island for a mission. The woman has short hair and is probably closer in relation to the guy who calls them. One of the guys can tell others’ phobias and this woman or maybe another one has some claustrophobia or so because the guy scares her with saying something like, “when they roll you in a carpet”. Anyway, in the present day, the main guy is occasionally shown in some forest setting up something and trying to contact a female reporter and insisting that she help him over the phone. There’s this female sheriff that is trying to find a shack or so in this forest where the main guy is and I think she finds some code. A guy is tied to a bed in the shack where the main guy is doing his mission. He sets up some death trap. I’m not sure but I think the main guy then saves the short-haired girl and both the guy tied to the bed and the female sheriff die in the end. It was released most probably after 2000s. It doesn’t seem older than 90s movie.

Labeeb Xaman Changed status to publish May 4, 2021