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Indie (european?) film, maybe mid-late 2000’s, single guy I think he was depressed.


Can’t remember this movie or what it was exactly about.

It was either a European or Indie film, possibly British. It was, I think, about a single slightly hipster guy who was a bit depressed or bored with life. Bit of an arthouse piece my film professor showed us on Netflix 10-12 years ago. It had a very 2006 “Cashback” vibe to it, and I jotted it down in my notes since I found it so bizarrely but fascinatingly well done, but can’t find that 10 year old note to myself.

One scene that stands out was while at a party he goes into a bedroom where two people he know are having sex. They continue having it in front of him, seeming not to care before she gets up and stands there telling him to leave and he found that to be funny, since either it was his room, or at least it wasn’t their room so they had no right to tell him to leave. Not sure that has happened in many movies.

Anyway, I am looking to build my own art cinemas collection and this one gem I haven’t been able to remember, thank you for any help!

DanMan Asked question Feb 13, 2021