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in a Morgan Freeman movie story dialogue who fear death everyday and lived 120 years…

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in a Morgan Freeman movie he is lika an angel and he tells a story of a man who fear death everyday and lived 120 years… its a comedy type movie with a fat guy getting married and all.. please help find me the name of the movie..

John byers Posted new comment Mar 7, 2022

When did you see this movie? Do you have any idea when it was made approximately? Are you sure it is Morgan Freeman who plays in the movie?

I believe I saw this on TV some 15 or 20 years back, yes I am very sure it’s Freeman who was saying this story in about last part of the movie. the fat guy and the other characters are like some alice in the wonderland type..

I combed through Freeman’s IMDb credits, but there are not that many Morgan Freeman comedy movies from that time period.

Still waiting for an answer, please help…

The magic of bella island


The Sum of All Fears

luv.tima Answered question Feb 19, 2022

Ok let me try write it again its a funny kind movie like the characters are all dressed like vegetables pumpkins like some wonderland and Morgan use to appear in between as an angel and at last part of movie he as an angel narrates a story of a man who feared about death every day of his life which also helped the man live for 120 years like that…. any idea what was the movie and its name.. please help me find.:)

golden10 Answered question May 22, 2020

Hi….. sorry no.. I actually left checking on that.. if an y inputs would be of great help 🙂

golden10 Answered question May 20, 2020

No answer yet 🙁

VHS_Lives Posted new comment May 19, 2020

Did you ever find this?


Another try, any chance it is this one?:
“Levity” (2003)

It is not a comedy, but Morgan Freeman is in it.
Quote from the IMDB synopsis:

“The film is equipped with beautiful voice-overs about the meaning of life and different philosophies for getting redeemed.”

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Anonymous Posted new comment Jan 5, 2021

Hi, thank you for replying.. sorry Levity (2003) is not the one I checked the trailer its not the one I’m looking for. Its like fancy, innocent, funny kind of people in stone age times or like in dreams, hope you can understand.. Also thank you very much for letting me know about movie Levity, I’m definitely going to watch it ?)

In the movie that I’m telling I believe some one else always is also there with Freeman to whom he talks every time.. above all the story of the man he narrates who fears death each and ever day lives 120 days is what I remember much. I think only Freeman will be able to answer this lol..

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“Bruce Almighty” (2003)

or its sequel
“Evan Almighty” (2007)?

In both comedy movies Morgan Freeman plays God.

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Filmfind Posted new comment Feb 10, 2018

Comment from Asker: “Hi, sorry this is not the one… in the last part its a movie with some fat guy getting married with a fat girl and making love and gets sleeping smiling…”