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I’m trying to remember what I believe to be a psychological horror film

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I can only remember parts of the film but the main parts I do remember is this:

One of the dreams I believe he was a security guard and his friend said he would have to do a night shift it was like a mine or something underground I think. And he spent most of the night eating and listening to music but the radios went funny, a girls voice called out to him and some lights were blinking… don’t remember much else

Another dream that happened was he was escaping a psychopath and he was the last kid all them years ago that he didn’t kill.

The end – where the guy in the dreams/short stories was actually in a hospital room paralysed unable to move the news on the tv was talking about a psychopaths and janitor came in to check on him saying it’s sad that all he can do is just look in one spot for the rest of his life so he turned a mirror so he could look at the window forever.

The window kept being shown throughout the movie like glimpses of things in the hospital room whether it be words from the doctors or flashes of the window and the tv in the hospital room.

pori Posted new comment Jul 31, 2022

Not exactly as described but this reminds me of The Confines (2015)