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I’m trying to remember a technicolor classic movie

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This classic movie is based and filmed in a European city – Paris or Rome maybe.
a young American just entered the city and is on her way to her new job at the American consulate. beautiful scenery is filmed as she is enjoying her first lucky break abroad. She arrives at a house where there are 3 roommates but one is leaving and she will take her room. I believe she brings a musical instrument with her. The roomies get ready and head to work at the American Embassy or consulate. I think someone at the job gets fired. the new girl strikes up a friendship with a local that works there, he rides a scooter and has big dreams. He takes her on rides and later to his family farm where she meets his family, they go swimming and eventually made love. She tells a worker who was apparently jealous and she (the worker) tells the boss who fires the local for fraternizing. there are lots of embassy parties, one roommate falls for a gigolo type who live somewhere in a gated community with his mother. Another roommate was working with a grouchy professor I believe on his autobiography,he was a difficult man and she threatens to leave but she is actually in love with the grouch. in the end all the roommates end up with their foreign guys. I think. the first time she met the local embassy worker was while she was going for a walk and she tumbled into his scooter then later found out they work at the same place. Please help I have been looking for this movie for years.

casspir Answered question Feb 22, 2022

Just a guess, maybe
“Three Coins in the Fountain” (1954)?

Leenie03 Posted new comment Feb 22, 2022

You know I think I did watch this but can’t remember if that was it. I’ll watch it again to be sure. Thanks