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im trying to find a zombie movie and i vaguely remember a scene from it

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6 or 7 years ago I remember seeing someone watching a movie on a tv and I only saw one scene from it.
>I remember a shot of a fountain at night with a bunch of zombies stumbling around it
>I remember a scene in which a group of people opens a door and a zombie stumbles in so they restrain it and tie it to a chair.
>They ask it questions and it replies (probably something about brains)
>After a lot of searching I could not find a zombie movie with a scene that matches this.
>No I’m not remembering a scene from return of the living dead wrongly.
>pls help

pori Posted new comment Nov 28, 2020

Patient Zero 2018?

Did you rule out George Romero’s “Day of the dead” ?



Could it be The Omega Man starring Charlton Heston or its remake I Am Legend starring Will Smith?

classicfilmguy Answered question Sep 15, 2018

Could it be
The Dead Next Door
This is a pretty vague guess but it sounds like it because it is an older film with good and bad zombies, some talk. its a satire comedy horror with gross stuff and has voice acting from Bruce Campbell from the evil dead.

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