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I’m looking for a teen movie

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I’m looking for a movie that I watched few yrs ago on tv.
Unfortunatelly since I don’t remember any actors or any specific details I wasn’t able to find myself.
But I remember a bit of the plot.
So the movie basically started with a movie contest…they were showing short clips made by high school kids I remember one of the girls made an artsy film (and she actually seemed t caught an eye of one of the contestants)…If I remember correctly the 1st 3 places (the girl that made the artsy video and the guy that liked her were one of the winners) were then put in like a house or smth and they were supossed to compete with each other (I think). The winner was to make a music video (I think) for some teen female singer.
I think that later in the movie the kids discovered that there was some kind of a scam or smth (like some guy wanted to make them do the hard work and then he would take a credit or smth like that) and they joined forces and worked together. Btw If I remember correctly the girl for which they were making a music video helped them 2.
I think the last scene was them playing in the fountain after they “won”.

I’m sorry Im just randomly throwing stuff. Not everything may be correct.

btw english isn’t my 1st language so I’m sorry for any mistakes.

ana_wera Asked question Apr 17, 2018