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Im looking for a horror movie about the dark

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Once I saw a horror movie about a creature that was in the dark, it goes like this:

In one of the first scenes of the movie, there was a kid in his bedroom, he heard something in the dark and imediately went under his blankets with a flashlight, somehow one of his parents went into the room to see if he was doing good, but the creature gets that person when it got in the dark. Later in the beginning of the morning, for some reason the police appears in his house and finds him hidden and his parents(im not sure if it was both) dead.

Other scene of the movie:

There was a guy hidden under a car because he knew about the creature, and he wanted to go under a light pole where there was light. But between him and the light, there was a space in dark. He was scared but he stood up and ran to get in the light, but the creature gets him.

Other scene of the movie:
The main character(I’ve no idea who is) was fighting against this creature in a lighthouse, the light was spinning and it would show parts of the creature, I think it kills the creature there.

It is not a recent movie, it is probably under 2012. I don’t remember of any characters of this movie. These scenes are in my head until today and no one around me remember about any of this, I think it is because I was young at the time and it might have impacted me, because I’ve always been scared of the dark until some years ago when I lost the wish to live, I am currently 22.

These scenes may vary a bit, but please if you know a movie like this let me know, it would light the burden from my shoulders, and I would be able to tell everyone im not crazy.

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this sounds closer than my recommendation… Nice!

I just watched the movie, and I need to say that this is indeed the one I was looking for. Im truly thankful, if it wasn’t for you I would have never found this film. Your incredible knowledge in movies has fullfilled one of my greatests objectives in life. I’ve finally put down this burden and now Im able to sleep in peace. You’ll be forever in my memories as the one that helped me when I needed the most, I wish for you all the good in this world and I hope you can continue to help other people to find their will to keep going. And finally, I am sorry for the delay, I’ve been pretty busy. 😀


Sounds a little bit but not exactly like Vanishing on 7th Street. Not positive. I don’t think there is a lighthouse scene but watch the trailer. Let me know if it is.

pyre35 Posted new comment Feb 23, 2021

Thank you for your comment, it wasn’t the movie I was looking for but Im thankfull that you tried to help me, anyway Im going to watch this movie. 😀

No problem! Yeah, I was a little off, but I appreciate it!