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I’m I going crazy


Ok so I vividly remember this one (opening?) scene from this a one show, and it was this one guy who was late to a couples councilors meeting and when he got there his kid that was maybe 9-10 had to redo his tie? Then his (ex?)wife chided him for being late and then they started the meeting, but then like not even halfway through he gets a call for him to com into work (don’t know exactly what it was) so he left, his (ex?)wife was mad but whatever. So he’s called in to help with a quarantined airplane,(don’t remember from what) that everyone was dead? and that was about all I remember lol, i have a crappy memory and I don’t really remember anything else, I don’t know if it was supernatural, or just a true crime type of thing or just a dream I had lmao. If you can help thanks, if I’m just crazy, we’ll at least we get something out of this.

Stonebroke Answered question Jun 24, 2022