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Identify title of mystery movie about surveillance operative who stumbles on video feed of a murder

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I’m trying to identify a movie, probably from the 80’s or 90’s, in which a surveillance operative, stationed somewhere in a remote artic location, accidentally comes across a live, closed circuit video feed coming from a camera located in what appears to be a city apartment. Out of curiosity, the operative continues to watch the feed, and then witnesses a murder take place in the apartment. Following the murder, the female occupant of the apartment returns home, unaware of what has taken place. He examines the video in great detail to find clues as to the location of the apartment. By analyzing the architecture of a federal-style building that can be seen through a window in the feed, he is finally able to identify the building and thus the city. So, he hops the next available helicopter out of his remote outpost and sets out to warn the woman. I had thought that the surveillance operative was played by Steve Guttenberg, but I don’t see such a movie credit in his Filmography. Thanks–it was a riveting movie and I’m hoping I can find and share it with others.

Tim Answered question Feb 12, 2021

Pretty sure the movie is High Frequency (1988).

By the way, your question has been driving me nuts for a couple hours, thank you very much. I knew I picked an old VHS rental tape of your movie at the flea market a few years ago, and I even watched it, but I couldn’t remember the title. Only that it was an Italian movie, in English, and that it had a major US actor in the lead role. You didn’t mention a kid, but I was also pretty sure that the guy working at the Alpine satellite station made nightly contact with a kid somewhere in the US who was a ham radio enthusiast. They used to talk and maybe they even played chess together over the radio. Also, I’m pretty sure the satellite station was destroyed and a buddy killed when some government agency realized he had tapped into the surveillence camera feed. I think the guy enlists the help of the ham radio kid, and this puts the kid in peril as well.

Thank goodness I finally got a mental picture of Vincent Spano as the lead, and I was able to look it up on imdb. This would have driven nuts. I’m still stewing over another question someone posed weeks ago for a movie I know I watched not that long ago, but I can’t remember the title.

I found an LA Times review of the movie that gives a better description than I have.

Sorry, one more edit. The full movie is on youtube if you want to see if High Frequency is the movie you are looking for.

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