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I watched this movie back around 2010-12 in a movie theater

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I was young (4 or 5 idk) so my brain doesn’t remember a lot. I’m positive this movie is rated r too because there were some steamy scenes. But I remember that there was a man sleeping with who he thought was his wife. I think it was her doppelganger. They woke up in their underwear and his “wife” probably said something that made him realize she wasn’t his wife. I think the woman he was sleeping with was a spy bc she was trying to kill him T_T idfk at this point. I believe they lived in an apartment building. When he realized she wasn’t his wife, he ran on the outside on the building bc there were planks on the side of the apartment so you can walk across it. She chased after him still with her underwear on. The last part I remember is when the guy is in a huge building. There was an emergency in the building and a crowd surrounded it because they were trying to get in. Then his REAL wife shows up to see if he was okay. He knew it was really her. I remember she was wearing winter clothes, a white sweater, a beige scarf, jeans, boots, something like a basic winter outfit. OK that’s all i remember. If you know what im talking about please answer. But what if i was so young that i made up the movie??? like NO ONE knows what I’m talking about.

movieguy Answered question Jul 16, 2020

could it be Total Recall (2012)?

movieguy Answered question Jul 16, 2020