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I want to find an american documentary

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I remember seeing a documentary about a guy supposed to be the “father of reality shows”, I don’t know, the one who invented / perfected them or something.

Some scenes from the documentary, from my memory:
– there were about 20 participants in the show, in a room with bunk beds, each bed had a monitor.
– sometimes each participant was tested at the limit (offended and maybe even hit) in front of a team of researchers. The process was not explicitly shown, from what I remember there were some images with them crying on a chair and in front of them some people in white robes were noting.
– exactly at the turn of the millennium (so the documentary is certainly made after 2000) shows us how this guy prefers to film a reality show with a couple celebrating having sex or something ..
– At the end of the film we are told that this guy preferred to retire or something and shows us a rural image of Africa.

g3ordan Posted new comment Aug 17, 2020

Sounds similar to The Experiment but that’s a series not a movie.

I’m not even sure it’s a movie. It could be a series of biographies, I don’t know.