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i think it is a french film (a beautiful film)

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I think it is really a French film, I might confused about it though. I don\’t know weather it is a two different movies or not because I cannot remember. I think there is 2 different film who has a similar vibes. So, I really hope if you all can help me. It had 2 episode/part only. Each part have 1 hours.
In this film it show about a beautiful more to gorgeous actress. She is an orphan (I called her lady ok?). Her parent died. She live in a big mansion house. One day her neighbour who is a guy move back to his old house. Then it shows flashback that when she was younger she played with the boy (she climb up her wall full of trees and go to the water fountain without her parent know) and then I think the boy family move because of that the grownup guy move back to his house. It showed like the guy want to renovate his house. He wearing a construction white hat while looking at the plan. The lady always tries to stare at the guy but the guy don\’t remember her….. until I don\’t know when the guy remember her but at last scene it showed that the guy tried to find her and he go down the stair and they kissed near the water and maybe they ride a scooter or bicycle?
In this film still show a beautiful and gorgeous actress. She also an orphan. i don\’t know how but i think she is unemployed So, she find a job at classic vintage old hotel. The young lady stay in the attic. One day, there is old woman like her grandmother ages come to stay at the hotel. This grandmother is a wealthy and famous person. This grandmother always ask the young lady her opinion about what to wear. one day the grandmother took this young lady to town to meet her famous designer and to buy her clothes and shoes. A very beautiful clothes and shoes. Because they like each other, the grandmother told the young lady a secret that she lost her daugter and tries to find her granddaughter. I think then the grandmother ask for the necklace that the young lady wear. Then the young lady plays piano in the garden store upstair and the grandmother remember that it is a similar song that her daughter played. So they cried together. The young lady don\’t have enough money to pay for the piano lesson but the grandmother pay for her secretly but eventually the young lady knows about it. At the last scene, it shows that the young lady play piano in a concert hall while wearing a beautiful dress. Her grandmother cries and they embrace each others.

LAVENDER Asked question Jul 22, 2018