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I think 80s movie with a killer and a boy in a mask?

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This movie is from the 80s I believe, saw it when I was a kid, may have been a made for tv movie.
I remember 2 scenes
First is a boy watching a killer opening a grate in a room and pulling out his trophies from his kills, on is s little girls barrette. Boy accidentally makes noise and when guy turns the flashlight on him, he pulls down his mask and the killer strangles him. He does survive.
Other scene I remember is the boy figuring out who it is and is out shooting or something with the man who is a family friend. He realizes it was the man and runs away. Then tells after him that he is sorry. He didn’t know it was him.
This is all I can remember, but it has been stuck in my head for weeks now. Anything would be appreciated

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Yes, that’s it, Thank You!


lady in white

glad we could help. enjoy

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