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I only remember a few scenes from this movie I saw as a kid

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I remember seeing a movie when I was around 7 or 8, but I can’t remember where I saw it or when it came out. I don’t even remember who the actors were. I know it definitely wasn’t released in the 2010s, and I only remember select clips from it. One of them is a shot of a red town or neighborhood inside of someone’s eye, there’s shots of the eye itself and then the people in the eye. Another one is the main character, a teenage or young adult female trying to confront the man that stole her little brother, she confronts the man and her brother in some sort of dark restaurant with a spotlight over them. The brother is drinking something, probably a smoothie, that he normally doesn’t like, but the kidnapper brainwashed him and made him evil and stuff, also making him like that drink. I’m not sure if this is also part of it, but I remember a scene in a snowy/icy area where the brother actually gets kidnapped by the man. The girl and her brother were being guided or taken somewhere by these big Wookiee looking creatures, except the hair was also kinda covering their faces. I’m sure the second I see the brother or the girl in a picture then I can immediately tell if it’s them. It could be my memory messing with me but the girl kinda looked like Ellen Page if that helps. I hope someone can help me find this, it’s been bugging me for years

H0LL0W Asked question Nov 8, 2020