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i only remeber 2 parts of this movie or scene

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ok so, i vaguely only remember this part of the movie and it was something like: A Group of friends are driving until they see an abandoned building and hear people screaming. And so, they check it only to find nothing and i think they play a game or something and i know that they were on the last floor of the building and they do something which leads them to be scared and try to seek help and then they spot a car outside the building. While being on the last story of the building, they try to scream for help but nothing happens and the camera just shows the car but after a couple of seconds ,their screaming’s disappeared and the camera shows that the car that was outside was actually them who heard the screams and the movie continues as if they heard the screams and they continue to check it out, then it ends. That’s it. I’m not sure if it was a scene or a movie but if anyone can find this movie or scene then that’d be sick.

Side note/ i think there was this girl that was running away from a barn or something thats when they decided to help her and picked her up but then i think thats when everything happened (I Think) because she a board game or she asked to do a ritual in a motel and then thats when it started so maybe now theyre running away to try to stop the ritual but get trapped in the parking garage building and they started screaming at the car for help, i doubt it tho tbh i dont know where that scenes from either but if u do know please help.

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I remember seeing this as well! Was the time frame around 2010-2019? I can’t remember if this was a full length movie, or if it was part of a horror anthology segment such as the V/H/S movies?!

*Update* : It might be an exclusive on Hulu or Netflix. I remember binge watching horror movies within these past couple of years, during the pandemic, and I think that’s when I first saw it.

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it could’ve been and i also thought of the vhs series but ive seen all of them but it sounded like it could’ve been in the vhs series but i cant figure it out ive been thinking of this for years!!

I wonder if its a Hulu exclusive film? If I remember correctly, I think I saw it within the last couple of years around the time I was watching every horror category that I could find in Hulu.

thanks for the idea i havnt seen anything on hulu for a couple of years. Might have to try it out again. come to think of it i think there was more to that movie. I think, there was a girl in that movie where she was running away from a barn or something but then they decide to pick her up and thats when i think everything happen because she had brought a board game with her or a ritual and then thats when she asks them to play or to do it: i mean this was in a motel but then maybe they went to that parking garage building…0_0 i doubt it tho. Cant remeber that scene either.

sadly no. This my other account. i cant sign inn to the previous one for some reason. but thamks