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I need the name. of a tv movie/Miniseries of a deadly disease outbreak

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Hello everyone

Ive been stuck for about 5 years trying to find a two part TV movie/miniseries (dont remember which one is the correct tag) about two scientist, one older and the other younger, that theyre trying to stop a disease outbreak that is transmitred by birds. Is located in North Europe, I cant remember if is Britain or not. The thing is the outbreak is similar to an old outbreak in Norway/Iceland in early 1900′, and they Find the cure in the Conservated Dead body of a Boy that died on the old outbreak and who was buried in the Ice. The thing I always rememebr is that his sister, now a really old woman, said to the scientist that her brother was the son of a Fae/Elf/something like that, and thats why he didnt decomposed.

Another subtrama was that the young scientist has an affair with their Girl Guide, and in the end Dies from the disease.

So thats old, hope you can help me.

Oh thats right, I saw that Film between 2006-2008, More or less. But probably is older, i dont know.


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