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I need help finding a scary/comedy movie

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Around 2000s my parents bought a newspaper and it came with a movie. The movie was about a guy who had to spend a few days in a haunted castle filled with ghosts to break a curse. After a few days the man became friends with the ghosts and they started playing bowling inside the castle. That’s all I can remember. There were real actors in the movie and a lot of costumes for the “ghosts” who looked more like zombies.

JoeKing12001 Answered question Aug 11, 2022

was the main guy white or black? there are several possibilities i am finding…

The main character is a white male. I’m pretty sure the entire cast was white people.

Was it set in Ireland?

I don’t think they ever mentioned the location sadly.


Sadly it’s not Haunted Honeymoon. But it’s giving me similar vibes.

maybe “high spirits”?