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I need help finding a movie, cant find it.


so the movie a girl and her single father ( I think) move to this town, and the little girl makes a friend on the first day of school (i believe) and they go to the other little girls house (the one who grew up in that town) and the new girl is getting shown around and asks what a room was (only room she was not shown I believe) and the little girl says that its her dead sisters room and that she can see it if she wants but hurry because her parents would be upset if they were caught, the new girl can see and hear the dead sister and finds out the girl she befriended killed her sister, oh and there was razorblades inside of the halloween candy (this movie is over the span of a couple of months I believe and I think takes place in like the early 2000s could be wrong though)

dessyB18 Asked question Dec 30, 2020