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I need help finding a movie ASAP pls


I’ve been stuck for months trying to find this movie.

It’s like couples retreat but what they don’t know is that the counselor’s idea of therapy is putting them in life or death situations by letting the staff “attack” them. In the end they find out it was all part of the therapy and they leave. The movie starts with a white woman with short blonde hair hiding in a room by a desk ,but its from a later scene in the movie when she’s hiding of one of the “attackers”. It’s also on an island.

Cait Posted new comment Oct 31, 2020

Fantasy Island (2020)?
But the woman have long hair…

@pori no not fantasy island. There’s like 4 couples who go to the island. It’s not a horror. It’s like a comedy action thriller. One black couple ,the rest are white.