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I have two movies to find!

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The first movie I’ve watched around 2009-2012, the movie was probably 70’s-00’s. The movie was on some specifically movie channel and it was late at night. It was in colour and probably not English. There were two guys and a girl. They were teenagers or in their twenties. They were on some kind of holidays. There was scene on the beach and near the telephone booth. There was also a scene in cinema. The girl was sitting between guys and at some point they put their hands under her blouse.

The second one was probably from 00’s. It was some kind of romantic comedy. The family went to Greece with their daughter. The daughter had her 18 birthday there and she went on quads with some guy that she met there. She had accident on road with small rocks, she broke her ribs and had surgery. At the end there was some wedding where they were all dancing in circle.

Kickbobby Posted new comment Aug 19, 2022

Hi Vaga, it’s not a good idea to put 2 questions in one. Better one by one and with more information. I’m sure, you can deliver a better and deeper description, if you concentrate to only one.