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I have been trying to watch this movie I saw in 3rd grade for YEARS

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When I was in third grade (2010), my class watched this movie that I have been trying to find for YEARS. It was definitely an older movie, but I can’t rule out early 2000s for certain. It’s about an Asian-American girl who goes to live with a family in some Asian country. It may have been her family, or it may not have been. The girl quickly befriends the two boys and together they like to ride trains and jump off in the middle of the ride. I remember the girl had issues adjusting to the customs of the country and resents it, but an elderly neighborhood starts to teach her that it could be a lot worse and it’s clear that he has a lot of pride in the country. Halfway through the movie, one of the boys is seriously injuried after jumping of the train and a lot of the conflict for the rest of the movie is whether or not the boy is going to die. I’m fairly certain he survived, because if he hadn’t it would have screwed me up. At the end, the elderly neighbor is being searched for by the police because he is an illegal immigrant, but he has already fled. I remember most of the plot, I just don’t remember the name. And Googling up keywords just brings up Last Train Home, and it is NOT that movie, because I watched that in ninth grade, funnily enough. Any help would be appreciated!

Ryham Asked question Nov 14, 2021