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I forgot the name of an Asian horror/ thriller movie that I watched a few years ago

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The movie follows a woman who I believe had an abortion, later on she starts finding really long hairs in her apartment even though she lives alone. I don’t remember if she mentions it to her friends. But one night when she’s walking home she’s walking by an alley and this strong wind suddenly appears sucking her into this portal???? So she wakes up and she’s in the world of the dead (she doesn’t find that out until later on) so she finds this little girl and the girl takes her to the place where she could go back to the world of the living, but in the process they go through an abandoned carnival type thing with apartment buildings everywhere, they go through a cave/tunnel of aborted babies, and through a graveyard that will only let you pass freely if you put a flower on each grave (that graveyard consists of people whose graves had been forgotten) BUT like half way across she runs out of flowers and all of the dead people start grabbing her and trying to hold her back. The closer they get to the world of the living the more the little girl continues to disappear. When they finally get there she wants to take the little girl with her back home but she can’t and I THINK that little girl ended up being the girl she aborted before but I don’t remember
Movie probably came out between 1985-2010 I don’t know:(

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