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I don’t remember much, but I hope somebody knows the movie I’m talking about


What I remember is this:

Movie released after 2010, there is this group of criminals that has a bomb and wants to blow up like a bank or something in a big city. The bomb is inside a white police van (looks like a Chevrolet P30 police communications van). They create a diversion to throw off the police, but the leading investigator of the police department notices a white police van that has recently been painted, he looks carefully and sees that the blue word “POLICE” on the white van is kinda not well aligned with the side door. Thanks to that he realizes that that is just a normal white van on which the criminals spray painted to let it look like a real one.

I know what I remember is only a very specific sequence of the movie, but I’ve been looking forever without finding anything. I don’t really remember the actors either… I watched it with my buddy and he says he remembers only what I remember and the actor denzel washington being in the movie, weird that I can’t remember, maybe he wasn’t in the movie, I don’t know. Just added this info just in case…

Any idea😅?

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jack ryan shadow recruit

it happens at the end….

VHS_Lives Posted new comment Aug 17, 2022

Yeah! Thank you very much!
May I ask how you found it?

like u i remember seeing it, but the title escaped me. i thought hard about the scene and used a couple key words and looked at images and saw what clicked