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I can’t remember the name of this horror movie

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Well, as the title suggest… this is kinda frustrating for me.
Me and my girlfriend was searching for a movie for tonight and we came across “Goodnight Mommy”.
Ok, now try to follow my toughts.
When i read the plot of this movie, i remembered another plot. A movie that i’ve seen some years ago, and I viewed in my mind some scenes without a precise logical order. I’ll tell you roughly what I remember and then the scenes in detail, please help me solve this little catch:
More or less the plot revolved around a mother and her children. During the movie she was warned several times that those children of hers were not actually her children. Something had taken them and replaced them. The movie also ended with an open ending. Among the scenes I remember are an old man (or an old woman) who warns the protagonist that children are not what they seem, all from outside a car. A second scene was about one of the children in question. Here it was seen that they were actually something else, since one of these fed on some kind of insect (?). All in “his” room at night. Another scene was towards the end of the movie, where this child displayed astounding strength to push back his mother who was now convinced that something was wrong. Following, the mother found herself facing these creatures who took the form of children inside underground tunnels. I know, that’s a lot of disconnected information, but surely some of you know what the heck movie I’m talking about. I’ve searched movies about Changeling and Doppelgänger but I haven’t come to a conclusion.
Please help me, it has become a matter of principle now ahahahah 🙂

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What year, give or take, do you think the movie was made?