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I can’t remember the name of a Movie

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Hello there,
So I was wondering if any of you know the movie I’m about to describe:
I think the movie starts with a girl going to a boarding school.
It’s kind of a clueless vibe but more Canadian. Within a few scenes the male teacher turns out to be a pervert and tries to groom the girl with a poetry club or some shit, I don’t remember. One scene I absolutely remember is: the teacher approaches a girl with a huge high bun. He starts talking about volume and sticked his pen through her hair, and said something along the lines that she just has air in head. Also in the end of the movie a girl tries to have her first time with her boyfriend who’s visiting. But the Pervert teacher interrupted them. I know it’s just a movie. But I would really like to rewatch it! So could please any of you give me some ideas. Thank you!!

Carina Sofia Asked question Jan 24, 2021