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I can’t find this one movie!

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Hi, guys. Found this site after I was unable to find a movie that I’ve watched when I was younger. So, I really appreciate the help if you have any info about it.

My memories of the movie was very vague, but one of the things that I can remember is the antagonist. I believe it is some kind of entity or spirit that can possess your body. I’ve remembered around the middle section where the protagonist group met this entity taking control of someone else’s body and the entity was trying to kill them. Then, when one of the people on the protagonist group killed the body the entity is inhabiting, suddenly they started having seizures and it was found out that the entity can move to another person’s body that had killed the previous host of the entity. They were on a vehicle (either a jeep or a humvee when they met this entity) and I remember the ground was muddy.

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It ends with two people (a man and a woman) trying to trapped this entity behind a door in a cave. But, the entity was trying to get away so the woman does the unthinkable and killed the entity. After that, they have a short conversation of making sure that she needs to be trapped inside before the entity fully controls her. The movie ends with the entity mimicking her and telling him to open the door and let her out.

I’ve been scouring the internet each year. Every time I stopped and forgot about it, the memories appeared again and I kept getting back trying to find it. It doesn’t help that there are more similar movies that’s more popular with the same antagonist. Like The Minion and Fallen, which funny enough, came out on the same year, which is 1998. It would be delightful if you guys can help me find it.

Rad_Icarus Edited question Apr 10, 2022

Could some memories be off? could it somehow be “ghost rig”?

Sorry, had some things going in the background so I had just the time to respond now. Sadly, that’s not the movie I was looking for. Agreed, the premise is similar and the antagonist is an entity that possess people. But it’s not the movie that I’m looking for. Even if some of my memories are off, I can fully ascertain that the ending is stuck in my head. Where the supposed “woman” is trapped and asking to be let out.