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I can’t find this movie.

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I need help finding this movie. I can remember a woman protecting two kids from a man in a house. It was like one of those modern houses. I think the woman was running back and forth between two houses for something, I can’t remember. Every time she ran to the house from the other, it was dark and in the woods, like it was straight path through the woods. You can see the man, but you can’t see him. You can see his body, but you can’t see his face. He was kinda tall. I can remember when the woman was hiding under a wooden walkway over water, and the man was walking on it. It became quiet until the man start choking the woman with one hand until he lost his grip and continued to try to grab her. You can catch a peak at him, but you just can’t see his face. Toward the end, I think the woman hit the man with one of those fireplace rods. I forgot to say that there was a fireplace in the house. At the end, he was caught by the police and the woman and two kids watched him in the back of the police car drive away. They showed like half of the man’s face in the movie. That’s all I can remember.

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