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I cant find the movie

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There was a girl having breakfast with her parents and she sleeps after she wake up she cant find anybody in house and she recognizes there was no one in the world tho. After that she finds a girl and a little boy, they became a team cuz there is no one in the world. And they found a black guy too after that. And there is a down syndrome guy in the mask chasing them and saying “mama mama all the time” and after that they saw a big storm that replaces worlds other side.they are escaping from the storm. And they found some newspaper that wrote “a group of teenager died in fire at funfair” they recognize they are dead, and trapped in purgatory. They drive their car to storm and they escape from purgatory.
that movie was amazing but i cant find it now. I think it was a french movie but im not sure

pori Posted new comment Oct 21, 2020

No doubt