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i cant find the movie

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i have seen only few minutes of the movie scene.
two people during space walk ( male and female ) in a space station , trying to retrieve some data of some equipment ,
the male guys space suit gets into some problem and air starts to escape , he was about to die there but somehow gets himself saved
then he gets to know that someone was trying to kill him , someone didnt wanted him to get the data , and also realizes that once one guy was killed in the same way
then he decides not to trust anyone
he secretly starts a video call to his brother on earth , (where the brother is a good scientist maybe) ,
the guy on the space station tells something like this
” remember when our father took us to fishing , ……. ”
and but the guy on earth realizes that there is a problem in space station , cause their father never took them to fishing .
the guy on earth gets to know that he was trying to tell something but to keep it a secret he tells the fishing story

i know only these details

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pori Selected answer as best Oct 26, 2020

The movie you are looking for is Geostorm with Gerard Butler.

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