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I can’t find a animated movie that i watched some years ago.

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Hello. Im looking for a animated movie i watched some years ago and i can’t remember the title. It was in 2D. The story is about some kind of dwarfs, and one of them are eating blueberries, when he see a young woman. She want to go for a mission to a castle for something like magic stone or other potion, maybe bow or arrows, but other dwarfs don’t like her. So everyone goes with her, of course, they have some troubles, but at the almost end one dwarf drink something, do something like that and become super nice and smart. Then they at the river and that one dwarf or a girl has been shooted from a bow and falls into river, but she saves him by sacroficing herself. Dwarfs are sad and uses some magic potion or spell, and she alives, of course, nicer and smarter, and she then leaves them. And this is all i can remember about it. There might was a magic bow or something. I watched it in Poland so i don’t know is this movie familliar in other countries. Thanks for any help.

Andy11876 Asked question Apr 24, 2021