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I cant figure out what this movie is ….I only have a 25+ year old memory of it

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It may be a movie or a TV movie I’m not sure. So here is my description:
Its from the 80s/mid to late 70s
Husband and wife motorcycle riders, riding to this weird hotel/bed and breakfast its out in a forest like area in the middle of nowhere(ish). They cant leave the grounds for some reason (I think), they try to but just end up back at the weird hotel. They’re a white couple, shes a brunette (sexy if I remember correctly)…..AN THAT’S IT

That’s all i have to go by so hopefully you guys can help me out. I have been trying to figure out this movie name for a long time
I appreciate any help

VHS_Lives Posted new comment Oct 2, 2020

It was the legacy?