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I cannot think of the title to this movie and haven’t been able to find it anywhere. Please help.

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So I remember the movie almost perfectly. A man loses his son in the middle of the night to something unknown. He just disappears. So the father (who I thought Liam Neeson okayed) has a team that he takes to some house to do their experiments and research with this new drug that allows them to walk among the dead and see people who they knew before they died. He ends up seeing his son and his wife if I remember right, but is using the drug more often than his team behind their backs to be able to see his son again and again. But due to the team being able to see people who have passed as well, they still see him even though it turns out he had overdosed on the drug and was stuck there. I remember one scene where one lady from the team walks into the room and sees the man who lost his son and put all of this together buckled over a desk with the needle still in his arm and the tourniquet still wrapped around it as well. I remember another specific scene where one of the woman sees a man she recognized while in the kitchen and I remember some sort of fight happening for her to escape him because she was scared I guess you could say? This has been bothering me for months, if anyone knows what movie I’m talking about, please let me know.

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