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I cannot remember this animated movie

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So I’ve been searching for this film and I remember watching it as a kid around 2006-2009. I only remember a few scenes and the general plot of the movie. So the general plot of the movie is that this guy is recruited by a wise old man since he had a power and started training by moving a cement block around in order to get stronger. He was training in order to fight these monsters that came through a portal into the human world. There are other people in this organization that have powers and attempt to defend the world. So a few scenes are there are swarms of bat like creatures that fly through a portal into a city brimming with people and people are frantically running away since these swarms of creature like bats would swarm around a person and devour them leaving only their skeleton. Like a guy saw them as he was sitting in his car and as he is trying to roll up his window they come in and devour him. Another scene are when there are a set of twins who attempt to defeat another monster but they end up dead since they ignored the wise old man and ended up getting themselves killed since they got cocky. If anyone has a good idea what this movie is, I would greatly appreciate it!

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this is only the wiki, but maybe the imdb can provide more pictures for your refrence