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I cannot remember a movie


I can’t remember a romantic movie I saw. I can just remember a few details. In that movie there are 2 best friends. The girl is going to marry a person with a really weird surname. Her friend’s in love with her. There is a scene where she is in front of a mirror where she is calling her name with the surname of the person he is going to marry and doesn’t seem happy about it. But when she calls her name with the surname of her friend she smiles. Please tell the movie.

jennifermparker Answered question Feb 14, 2021

This reminds me of a scene in THE WEDDING SINGER. Was it a blond girl (Drew Barrymore) trying out the name “Julia Gulia” first and then switching to Julia Hart or Mrs. Robbie Hart (Adam Sandler’s character’s name)? (See the IMDB page for The Wedding Singer here.)

jennifermparker Edited answer Feb 17, 2021