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I can remember the whole movie but not the name of it!?!?

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In the Early 1900s(?) England a young woman is working at a sewing factory (?) she’s very poor and lives in the house of mean old woman as a tenant. An older man falls for the young woman even though the young woman does not love him he proposes marriage to her and she accepts. They go to live in his castle/ mansion. Eventually they fall in love and she becomes pregnant. His brother comes to stay with his new wife. The husband tells his wife under no circumstances must you give them anything while I’m away (The husband is being called off to war) he does not trust his brother or his intentions. The husband eventually has to leave. Leaving his newly pregnant wife with his brother and sister-in-law. the wife has some instances that leave her uneasy. Housekeepers quit,people go missing, pass away,or leave. The wife Begins to suspect the worst(come to find out all the letter she thought were being sent to her husband were being stashed in the study). Slowly the sister-in-law and her mother start poisoning the wife. The friend of the wife has a secret affair with the brother. After the wife has done everything she can to get out and warn her husband. Finally he comes to her rescue before it’s too late. The husband and wife have a happy life together and happy family at the end.

Ozzyohno Posted new comment Aug 20, 2021

I would love to watch this again it’s been years since I’ve seen it. I last watched it on Netflix but haven’t been able to find it anywhere since.