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I Can Not Find This Movie For The Life of Me!


Hello everyone! I have been trying to find this movie for days now and I dont seem to be having any luck. It was a horror/scary movie from the 2000’s on up by the looks of it. I think the summary of the movie goes something like this. A young man inherits a house from his mom or aunt after she committed suicide. He soon realizes that the place is haunted by some kind of cat like creature. I remember 4 specific scenes from it.

The first scene I remember is at the beginning of the movie they show a closed door with that creature pacing back and fourth outside of it. On the inside you see the older women swinging from a rope after hanging herself.

The second scene I remember is the man hears banging on the door, he cautiously approaches and looks through the peep hole and he see’s nothing but the outside porch. He slowly starts to open the door but then gets a strange feeling and slams it shut. He looks through the peep hole again and you see the creature pull back from the door and it turns out the man was looking into the cats creatures eye’s through the peep whole the whole time. Like it was an illusion.

The third scene I remember is the man laying in his bed, he keeps feeling the covers move so he would just pull them up and toss and turn, then after a few times doing that he noticed there was a tail sticking out of the blankets waving around and he took off running for the door and the creature chased him. he finally got to the door and slammed it shut just in time.

The fourth scene I remember is the man on the phone with his psychiatrist talking about this creature. She tells him its all in his mind. I believe after that the creature starts to walk down the staircase towards the man. He slides down the wall and sits on the floor crying telling the psychiatrist that its real. She tells him to close his eyes and count to 10 and everything will be fine. So the man closes his eyes and counts to ten, when he opens them the creature is gone.

I wish I could remember this movie as I really enjoyed but lost the title. I do hope someone can help me with this.

I hope all is well with everyone!

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Thank you for the Reply @farcry. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be among them. I have been looking at that web page for awhile now and I cant seem to find it. Maybe because it’s not on a streaming service? Perhaps it was older than the 2000’s. I appreciate the website though, that is a great resource. I will find it one day! haha.

@farcry Now this looks interesting. I will check that out later. Thank you so much! I hope all is well.

If it gets identified please let me know what it was, I’m curious about it.


@farcry I dont know if you are still watching this but It was Solved over at TOMT! it was the Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh. That movie is so creepy, I am going to watch it again right now lol. Thank you!

farcry Posted new comment Sep 26, 2020

Thanks, I’m gonna look into it, your description made me curious about it.