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I saw this film, I believe on Sky a few years back. I can only recall certain details and not the name of the film or the actor. I have a feeling it was an Italian Sci-Fi/Thriller film made in 2004?
There was this underground medical (research?) operation, I believe funded by special ops or alike. There is a boy (about teenager) who has unique vison. His eyes if I recall were amber/golden in colour. When you saw how he viewed things it was ommatidia (like that of a flies vision). He has the ability to see what the CCTV cameras see. He can possibly see glimpses of the future not sure if just his own or others too? There is a girl with him who is trying to help him escape. He has never been into the outside world and is held in the facility in an isolation chamber/tent. He possibly has allergies? I seem to recall that the facility was underground, possible in an old army barrack/hospital wing? The boy and girl are both trying to escape, I seem to recall the boy managed to escape but the girl didn’t, she didn’t make it to the lift in time. The lift closed horizontally if I recall correctly. The boy was chased by gunmen at the end of the film and I seem to recall the boy leaped over a wall to his freedom, this was his first time in the outside world. There was also possibly another patient a young mother and her baby, I seem to recall that the babies eyes went black when it blinked, like a covering going over them. Thank you if you can help.

Additional Info – The Boy I speak about has multiple pupula/iris in each eye and is golden/amber in colour.

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