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How many ghost moose movies can there be?


The movie had a grim palette in a cold, windswept place. Functional communal group of buildings like a lab outpost. A group of assorted personality types in possibly Alaska or the Artic. There were possibly Inuit people peripherally like local neighbors or something. The lab techs or company hirelings had weird experiences and started going missing but in weird ways like without their coats or boots. The outside force was having an effect on the perceptions of the poor dopes and it ended up being ghosts of moose/s (?) The group that set out for help after communications were cut off started going off one by one the closer they got, and somehow lost most of their clothing. The ghost moose charged one guy and sent his astral out of his physical body and sent it flying low over the landscape like The Dude only not so laid back. I feel like he got killed but can’t be for sure. The last person alive was “rescued” but wakes up in the hospital alone and I think I remember her getting all the way outside and there’s just no one there. She was alone like Alice in Raccoon City. The last shot might have even been a crane shot of her then widening out to show an empty street and abandoned cars. Was it like a manifestation of a genius loci? Was it ACTUAL moose? Was it a bunch of spirits called up by some powerful medicine man to keep us out of the place? I don’t know but I’d like to watch it again and see if I have any different ideas. Cheers.

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Thank you! I looked it up. How could I not remember Ron Perlman? I probably watched it to begin with because he was in it. Cheers!

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You’re welcome!