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This movie was very odd. There’s a wife and husband that live alone in a house. The husband in the relationship has a secret. And I remember the wife constantly asking the husband a specific question but he dodges the answer till the point that the story and the events are blown out of proportion. It turns out the husband isn’t actually human but a god like being and he has had many wife’s in the hopes of achieving a different outcomes. And at the end of the movie I remember their home being destroyed by an army. And the husband restarts everything and the house is restored, but he has a new wife and the cycle continues over and over again. Ik it sounds weird but I believe it came out between 2016-2018

Tim Answered question Apr 18, 2022

This might be Darren Aronofsky’s psychological/metaphysical horror film Mother!, released in 2017. The time frame is right, and the film’s cataclysmic ending is followed with a coda of “Him” with a new wife (“Mother”), apparently a cycle that has been repeated many times.

I included a link to the Wikipedia article about the film, since their description of the film is a thousand times better than anything I could write. I have to confess to being rather confused by the film, which I have seen only once. It seemed to be seeped in biblical metaphors that are Aronofsky’s trademark. Aronofsky directed Pi, Requiem for a Dream, and Noah, among others.

Tim Edited answer Apr 18, 2022