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horror/thriller:old woman (witch) in an asylum manipulates her caretaker to kidnap a girl to live on


From what I remember (this could be inaccourate):
– The movie must have been made around the year 2000.
– I don’t think that it was played in cinema.
– The genre was horror, but without cgi, effects or jump-scares. Therefore i wrote “thriller”.
– A girl was kidnapped (or lost? in the beginning) and her father was in sorrow.
– There was a detective or a police office who was searching for the girl. (Maybe it was a journalist?)
– The girl was kidnapped by a caretaker of an old woman and held hostage in a box.
– That old woman was in a wheelchair and/or bedridden in some scenes. She was the witch.
– She was in a nursing home, psychiatry or asylum.
– The main characters were the girl, her father, the officer, the witch and the caretaker of her.
– The witch had a book with depictions on how to transfer her soul to the victim, so she can live on.
– The method was sth. about poking an eye with some sort of nail?
– At the end of the movie the girl was found and released.
– The witch and the caretaker were killed. (I think the police officer shot them.)
– In the last scene the girl is making hand gestures that the witch was making before, so that the viewer knows that the witch has survived through the girl.
– I don’t know, maybe there was also a young brother or sth.
– Also, maybe the caretaker was also an old soul.

Who knows this movie?

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close your eyes / doctor sleep

Close Your Eyes

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Unbelieveable. That’s the movie!
You have found it. Thank so so much!!
You are the best!!!!!


Just as a reference, i think that another user is searching for the same movie:

Name of older horror movie

What I wanted to describe additionally:
– The plot was in modern times 1990s – 2000s and in a average sized city, not a village, sth. medieval or in a fantasy world.
– Also the horror was not visually, meaning no scary costumes or masks, no splattering blood, etc. I think there was a scene of blood (blood letting or something along these lines or maybe when somebody was killed bood was shown). Everything looked more like a thriller. Maybe there were other patients in the “asylum”, but then also on the more relaxed side compared to other horror movies. Also it was not the main plot in the movie.

– As for the spellbook, it could be medieval.
— The drawings were black and white clear drawings.
— As an example in this style:
— I think that what I described as nail to transfer someones soul, was an old pointed relic of some kind, maybe golden. And I think in the end the old woman/witch was killed unintentionally with it in the eye, but like it was described in the book. (Maybe she was shot and fell into it? I don’t know.)

– As far as i can remember the old woman was physically weak and not capable to kidnap someone directly. At times she could be interviewed.

– The other user described the hand gesture as counting, which is right.
— in more detail: on each hand the thumb is touching/tapping every finger once, starting with the index finger, middle finger, ring finger, little finger and back. The movement was fast, esp. for a senile older person. For me it looked like an exercise against osteoarthritis or a memory exercise for old people, but it was likely some kind witchcraft.
— I found a picture with the first three positions:
— I found a gif, which shows two of the fingerpositions, here they are called “mudras”:
— the fourth circle “Tap” shows the first fingerposition from the movie
— the second cirlce “Middle Tap” shows the second fingerposition from the movie
— I think that the old woman was making these when being interviewed by the officer. And in the end the child made these, like the other user described.

– I don’t know how much the action i remember correctly esp. if the girl had a brother and if she was kept in a box. Maybe some there was mingling on my part. So i am curious.

(Side note for the linked images: imgur requires a registration by phone, so i didn’t upload the pictures. Feel free to do that. Thank you.)

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