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Horror movie undetectable


Hey community,

I am struggling to find a horror movie, would appreciate your knowledgeable help:

It starts with a small boy being lost during a family trip (as far as I remember, to an amusement park).

His brother ends up seeing him occasionally around the area where they live, while his parents try to prove him it is impossible.

The kid ends up being found in something like a vampire house just next to the one of the family. In that house, there is several kids, who have also been turned into vampires- they wear suits, sleep in glass coffins in a dried out swimming pool inside that house, and have a large purple room with a tv, that seems to be luxury for that area.

It might sound super vague, but that is as much as I can remember. Would be super grateful for your help.


Filmfind Edited comment Aug 5, 2022

There is a glass coffin in an empty swimming pool in an episode of American Horror Story (2011-).
“Room 33” – 5th season, 6th episode.

As farcry suggested, I also recalled an episode in the AHS series, but I could not remember which one it was. Do you recall if Lady Gaga was in it?

Yes! That is the season with Lady Gaga!

I couldn’t find an actual clip, but this is a sort of behind the scenes thing that gives lots of shots of the general look which may jog your memory or verify it’s the correct thing you’re looking for!

You guys are the best! It is the one!

Thank you so much😇