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Horror movie thats atleast 6-10 years old

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This movie was mostly placed on a yacht type boat. And the only thing I really remember is that there was a tattoo(maybe a snake tattoo in the shape of an “8”) and marble in their mouth made someone a killer. They tried to kill the people on the boat and if they couldn’t they would transfer the marble in the other person’s mouth and a new person would now have the tattoo on them and try to kill everyone. It ended with a girl pouring gasoline on a guy and lighting him on fire. That’s all I remember if this rings any bells let me know!

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joe__717 Selected answer as best Feb 11, 2021

the ferryman?

I don’t think it ended with lighting someone on fire though. And it was a coin and not a marble.

joe__717 Posted new comment Feb 11, 2021

This is it!!! Thank you so much!