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Horror movie question – young girl killed in a bicycle accident, returns to haunt killers

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So I’ve been trying to find this movie for weeks and thought I’d give this place a try.

The basic synopsis is that there was a couple, with the girl driving, the boyfriend decides to be playful and covers her eyes. This results in her accidentally killing a young girl who was on a bicycle, only for her to return and haunt the couple. Eventually later on in the movie, the girlfriend takes her own life.

Anyone with any details, it would be greatly appreciated if I could get your help with this movie, it’s driving me up the wall D:

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Solstice (2008)
Accident scene – Turkish Dubbed

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It looks similar to the plot from the 2004 thai movie, Shutter (there is also a 2008 american remake with the same name)

doug Answered question Jun 10, 2020