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is an old horror movie , probably older than 30 years , I remember I saw that movie in 1992-1994 , the movie starts with ‘ a soul comes from the sky goes through the wood and find one house , was night, in the house was a young woman sleeping , the ” soul” enter the woman , the woman remain pregnant and in that night born the kid , next day the kid growing very fast and become a mature man , this mature man which is some kind of alien , looking for his family , probably this man died , and the wife and kid was alive ,so this man find his ily and looking for the kid , the kid see him , he talk with his “alien father ” , the father kiss him on the shoulder and gives to the kid powers , far as I remember , the kid goes home , with his power he play with tank toy and shoot the bullets which was quite painful I guess , and not remember much , just in the end the alien father transform in something ugly , in a body bones burning in flames , well , I guess the other half of the movie I don’t remember fully , just with the kid having power and mess around with the neighbors I think so, want the name , maybe I cant find it and watch again. Thanks

michael_kors Asked question Dec 31, 2020