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horror movie ive forgotten he name of

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i watched a horror movie when I was a kid and I want to remember the name of it.
Im pretty sure its called the whisper nut I cant find it anywhere.
anyways here are some scenes of the movie:
-The main character has a tree next to the window of her room where she feels like theres a man on it
– at some point her dad cuts a birthday cake that was full of blood.
-her friends from high school are getting murdered by a man who has gloves made of glass
-there was a jump scare scene with a cat in the kitchen
-there was kind of a curse they were trying to break with an old book.
The film went out between 2000 and 2010,
Thanks for anyone who can actually help me ive beene looking for it for more than 10 years now !

VHS_Lives Answered question Oct 22, 2020